Trenta OS

To those who supported us & the future of open-source.

2014 – 2021

We recommend...

While Trenta OS is no longer in development, we love to see what others are doing to bring a great user experience to open desktops. Here are our recommendations.

Ubuntu, with Vanilla GNOME

GNOME and Ubuntu have come a long way since we started Trenta OS. We recommend a clean Ubuntu install with a vanilla GNOME installation on top of that. Simple and up-to-date guides on how to achieve this can be found online.

Ubuntu Desktop ›

Elementary OS

"The thoughtful, capable, and ethical replacement for Windows and macOS". We've always had a fascination with Elementary OS for its mission to provide industry-competitive Human Interface Guidelines amongst a mission to give users the best experience on a Linux desktop. Their AppCenter, for example, is incredible.

Elementary OS ›


Please do your own research and proceed at your own risk.

CutefishOS ›
JingOS ›

Our vision, new life

As a community we wanted an alternative to industry-leading operating systems. An alternative that keeps creatives in mind.


"We love macOS, but we’re not a fan of the ever-closing hardware and ecosystem. So we are creating airyxOS — an OS aimed to provide the finesse of macOS with the freedom of FreeBSD." With these goals, some of our developers have joined airyxOS and Trenta Icons have found new life with this project. It is however in early development and can not be used as your daily driver.

airyxOS ›