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& the future of open-source experiences. was an organization focused on creating high-quality desktop experiences for open platforms. Their mission was to bring a clean, modern look to Linux, enabling digital creators to have access to a system that was both visually appealing and non-intrusive for their creative work. A significant focus was placed on design and user experience, with the goal of providing these benefits free of charge to anyone interested in the creative fields

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Trenta OS Monitor with Trenta OS
Trenta OS

Trenta OS was a visually appealing and user-friendly operating system based on Ubuntu, with a design inspired by macOS. Its development ceased in 2020, but it remains an interesting example of the customization and flexibility possible within the open-source software community. If you're interested in simulating the Trenta OS UI in your browser, you can try that here: Trenta OS | UI Web Demo

Trenta Icons Collection of Icons
Trenta Icons

Trenta Icons, once known as Rainier UI Icons, was an icon theme developed by This theme was designed to enhance the Linux desktop experience with a modern, clean, and sleek design, adding a premium polish to the user interface. The icon set was notable for its use of contemporary design standards and its catering to users who appreciate a visually appealing and modern interface.

frostlock Photo of a beach with the left half blurred

Frostlock was a project developed by Its primary function was to create a blurred version of the current desktop wallpaper and replace the login screen’s (GNOME Display Manager) background, This feature was integrated into Trenta OS, specifically to enhance the visual experience by creating familiarity in the interface by applying the user’s wallpaper to the login screen, although blurred.

onDemand Screenshot of onDemand app

Trenta onDemand was a proof-of-concept app to watch and rent popular movies using platforms like YouTube and Amazon, depending on your preference. Both US and German markets were supported. It was pre-installed in the last version of Trenta OS. Future plans included integrating services such as Apple TV+. A project that uses some code from onDemand can be found here:

Community Powered Blueprints showcasing icons
Community Powered was open source and community grown on GitHub. If, for example, Trenta Icons didn’t have a specific icon for an app, you could reference our documentation and contribute new icons. The design guidelines for Trenta Icons covered several types of icons, including round, rectangular, and status icons. These guidelines ensured a consistent and visually appealing design language across Trenta OS and its icons.

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The creators of are Kenny and Kevin. Kenny was the head of technology and as a co-founder of, served a significant role in the establishment and ongoing support of Kevin was is a co-founder and was head of design at​​. Together, they were committed to bringing innovative solutions to the Linux desktop landscape​. Although they have both moved on to other endeavors, they still appreciate their time at

Kenny S.
Kevin D.
Thank you to all who supported us

“Just installed Trenta but trust me the experience is unmatchable”
- Solomon Kitumba

“This is beautiful, loved it more than elementary OS”
- Zainul Abid Korambayil

“Love the OS! Have been an elementary user for quite some time and this is FAR better!”
- Kelley Chambers

"If you’re looking for a distribution with the most innovative design that follows the latest macOS trends, Trenta had a lot of potential to be the one."
- Unixmen

"just look at the detail that has gone into the themeing and the icons on the dock!"
- D. Loyd

“The TrentaOS desktop offers a simplistic elegance that is very MacOS-like, with a bit more transparency tossed into the mix. As well, the developers have done a great job rolling in a very tasteful flat theme”

"This makes Trenta OS an ideal solution if you want something lightweight yet powerful..."

"If you’re a macOS lover and don’t have money to buy a mac then Trenta OS is a good choice for you."
- geekoxide

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