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Trenta OS 2020 (Dec Build)


Now available to the public: Trenta OS 2020 (Dec Build). Bugs are expected and are tracked here: GitHub Repo

This is a test build. Please refer to the Terms of Use below before downloading and installing.
By clicking download, you agree that you've reviewed and accepted the terms below.

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trentaos-2020-122920-test-A.iso (2.3G)

Terms of Use & Information

  • This is not intended to be a Live CD. When you boot the ISO, please select the 3rd option or the one that reads "Install". This is the only option that works without hiccups we found.
  • Expect bugs, overlap with Ubuntu, and other early issues. Please report anything that you see an issue, and keep 'bluesky' recommendations to a minimum at this time.
  • There is no warranty in any way shape or form. Use at your own risk.
  • This is a Ubuntu based system for x86_64 (64bit) systems.
  • We encourage anyone to check out our GitHub page if you want to contribute. Trenta Icons has many issues for needs open.